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Basic Policy

1. Investment in social infrastructure to contribute to society

Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation (NHI) will contribute to society by specializing in investment in healthcare facilities, which are part of the social infrastructure.

2. Growth through investment in the growing senior market

Social demand for healthcare facilities is expected to grow in the medium to long term through further aging of the population.
NHI aims to expand assets under management in the medium to long term using our expertise on healthcare, extensive network and fund raising capabilities.

3. Stable cash flow

To stabilize cash flow, NHI will sign long-term fixed-rent lease agreements (remaining periods of at least 10 years) with operators of healthcare facilities.
To stabilize management, NHI will consider business collaborations and mutual management backup with carefully selected operators.

4. Unitholder return policy utilizing asset characteristics

NHI will implement unitholder returns through distributions in excess of earnings (refund of investment) utilizing the asset characteristic of a high rate of depreciation.
NHI will consider unitholder benefits utilizing the characteristics of healthcare facilities.

5. Substantial support system and strong independence

NHI will develop the support system that brings together the comprehensive strengths of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (sponsor), an expert finance company, and AIP Healthcare Japan GK (advisor), an expert healthcare company.

Support and Independence

NHI’s asset management company is able to establish cooperative relations with a wide range of operators as it is very independent with no participation of operator group.