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Fee-based nursing
home for the elderly

Location Kitakyushu City,Fukuoka
Acquisition price (million yen) 630
Total leased area (㎡) 2,694.42
Structure / Size RC / 6F
Number of rooms (rooms) 65
Resident capacity (people) 65
Room area range (㎡) 18.11
Opened November 1, 2003

Regional Features

The Property is surrounded by an urban district that has many public facilities. In the administrative wards within 5km of the Property (Kitakyushu City’s Wakamatsu Ward and Tobata Ward), elderly people aged 75 years or over as at January 1, 2014 is 20.8 thousand people, meaning the proportion that elderly people account for in the total population (14.3%) is above the national average (12.0%) and thus aging of the population is already in progress. In addition, according to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research’s “Regional Population Projections for Japan: 2010-2040 (March 2013),” the number of elderly people aged 75 years or over in the concerned administrative wards is projected to be 28.3 thousand people in 2035.

Property Features

The Property provides standard size private rooms.