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Fee-based nursing
home for the elderly
Silver HeightsHitsujigaoka No.3

Location Sapporo City,Hokkaido
Acquisition price (million yen) 1,200
Total leased area (㎡) 7,267.56
Structure / Size RC / 3F
Number of rooms (rooms) 109
Resident capacity (people) 111
Room area range (㎡) Between 21.00 and 42.00
Opened June 12, 2003

Regional Features

In the commercial area of the Property, the proportion of elderly people aged 75 years or over is 10.7% which falls below the national average (12.2%) and that in Sapporo (11.0%). In the future, the aging rate for this area is expected to progress rapidly.

Property Features

The most common room area size of the Property is 21㎡ which is a typical size for rooms with nursing care. The public space has a kiosk, a courtyard with many plants, a beauty parlor/barbar and a dental clinic, etc. Although it is a property with nursing care, it has many facilities as well as the Properties for independent elderly people.