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Fee-based assisted-living
home for the elderly
Alpha LivingOkayama Korakuen

Location Okayama City,Okayama
Acquisition price (million yen) 610
Total leased area (㎡) 2,128.44
Structure / Size RC / 4F
Number of rooms (rooms) 45
Resident capacity (people) 48
Room area range (㎡) Between 18.40 and 37.94
Opened March 1, 2015

Regional Features

Within 3km of the Property(Kita-ku, Naka-ku), the population of the elderly people aged 75 years or over is 50.2 thousand and the proportion is 11.5%. In Okayama City, the number of the elderly people aged 75 years or over is expected to be 117.4 thousand in year 2035 from the 81.2 thousand as of 1st January, 2015.

Property Features

The Property which opened in 2015 was converted from a recreation property owned by a local major company in Okayama City. It presents an image of high-quality from the texture of the exterior and the traditional Japanese-style garden with a pond within the premises. The residential-type Property for the elderly provides rooms of around 18㎡~25㎡ which is a standard size for rooms with nursing care. The rooms are equipped with sink and toilet.