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Sompo Care Inc.

As of June 18, 2018

Sompo Care
Inc.The operator is operating facilities and housings for elderly under the brands of “Sompo no ie” for fee-based homes for the elderly and “Sompo no ie S” for elderly housing with supportive services. Other than such facilities and housings for elderly, the operator is conducting wide range of businesses such as home care services including home-visit care, and home-visit nursing care and care services that patrol on a regular basis and visit when necessary, and sales and leasing of welfare equipment.

Corporate Data

Company name Sompo Care Inc.
Representative director Ken Endo
Head office 4-12-8 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Capital 3,925 million yen
Established May 26, 1997
Number of facilities operated 311 facilities
Number of rooms operated 17,305 rooms
Website https://www.sompocare.com/

Facilities Operated in NHI Portfolio

Fee-based nursing
home for the elderly
Sompo no ieNishitanabeekimae

Location Osaka City, Osaka
Acquisition price (million yen) Between 25.03 and 25.08
Total leased area (㎡) 2,095.79
Structure / Size RC / 9F、RC / 1F
Number of rooms (rooms) 42
Resident capacity (people) 42
Room area range (㎡) 25.03~25.08
Opened April 1, 2007

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