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Privacy Policy

Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation (NHI) has adopted the following Privacy Policy, which is based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan, etc. and handles personal information and individual number ("Personal Information, etc.") appropriately in accordance with this policy.

1. NHI regards Personal Information, etc. as important assets of individuals and is aware of its responsibilities to take appropriate measures to protect this information. To fulfill this responsibility, NHI abides by relevant laws, related laws and regulations, guidelines of relevant government ministries and agencies, as well as its own internal rules and other regulations.
2. NHI indicates the specific purposes for the use of Personal Information, etc. and shall not use such information if it goes beyond the scope of the specified purposes, except in cases where consent for its use has been obtained in advance from the individuals in question and/or when the use of such information is permitted by laws and regulations, etc.
3. NHI shall collect Personal Information, etc. only to the extent necessary to accomplish specific purposes and only according to proper and legally accepted methods.
4. To prevent leakage, loss, or other impairment of Personal Information, etc., NHI implements the necessary safety and security measures in the management of such information. Moreover, in handling such information, NHI shall conduct training for its employees and monitor the use of such information.
5. When handling of Personal Information, etc. is entrusted to other parties, NHI shall take necessary and appropriate monitoring measures of such parties.
6. When laws and regulations are revised, NHI shall review this Privacy Policy as needed and work to make necessary improvements on a continuous basis.
7. Regarding Personal Information, etc. it has received, NHI shall endeavor to respond appropriately and promptly when requests are received for disclosure, revision, deletion, and/or cessation of use of such information.
8. NHI shall endeavor to respond sincerely and promptly to inquiries, opinions, complaints, etc., regarding the handling of Personal Information, etc..

Holding of Personal Information, etc.

1. Purposes for Use of Personal Information, etc.

Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation (NHI) uses Personal Information, etc. only within the scope of the specific purposes as necessary for the following:

To ensure the exercise of the rights of those who own the securities issued by NHI and fulfill its obligations pursuant to the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations (the "Investment Trusts Act") and to carry out measures to ensure a smooth relationship among NHI and its investors
To prepare and submit reports and other documents in accordance with requirements under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Investment Trusts Act, Companies Act and other related laws and regulations and to manage unitholder information
To respond to inquiries, material requests, etc. concerning the additional issuance investment units and securities issued by NHI
To exercise businesses concerning the acquisition, sale and management of assets under management, as well as leasing, investigation and consideration of NHI's assets under management (including identity confirmation, credit inquiry and investigation of rights, etc.)
To manage the receipt of rental payments, return of deposits and other leasing operations related to NHI's assets under management
To perform business activities related to IR activities
To perform business operations related to officer's personnel affairs.
To conduct research, consideration, conclusion, implementation, management of agreements and administrative circulars in connection with the business transactions of NHI
To perform business operations related or incidental to the businesses set forth in the previous items
To provide Personal Information, etc. to third parties within the necessary scope for achieving the purposes of use set forth in the previous items

2. Appropriate Acquisition of Personal Information, etc.

NHI acquires Personal Information, etc. to the extent necessary for the business. Moreover, NHI will not obtain, use, or provide to any third parties any sensitive information (including special care-required personal information and information concerning membership of any labor unions, family origin, registered domicile, medical or health care record, etc.), except as permitted by laws and regulations.

3. Appropriate Management of Personal Information, etc.

NHI will appropriately manage Personal Information, etc. with all necessary security measures so that leakage, loss, alteration, improper access or the like may not occur.

4. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

NHI will not disclose and provide personal data to a third party, without obtaining in advance a principal's consent, for reasons other than those designated in laws and ordinances and entrusting personal data, but to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use.

5. Entrustment of Handling of Personal Data

NHI may entrust all or a part of the business to the extent necessary for the smooth accomplishment of the purposes of use and provide the necessary personal data to such parties. In the case of entrustment, NHI will supervise the entity entrusted by it with necessary and adequate care, including supervision of any entity entrusted by the entity entrusted by NHI.

6. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Discontinuation of Use, Etc. of Personal Data

When the disclosure, correction, deletion, discontinuation of use or the like ("disclosure etc.") regarding retained personal data are requested by the relevant individual or the individual's agent, NHI will respond in writing within a reasonable period and to a reasonable extent except for the case where, based on laws and regulations, disclosure etc, is not required, after confirming that it is a request from the relevant individual. Please contact the “Contact for inquiries, etc.” below.

7. Inquiry, Request, Complaint, Etc. About Handling of Personal Information, etc.

NHI will endeavor to sincerely and promptly respond to inquiries, requests, complaints, regarding handling of Personal Information, etc.. About an inquiry on handling of Personal Information, etc., please contact the below customer service representative of the Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co. Ltd., the asset management company to which NHI entrusts the management of its assets.

[Contact for inquiries, etc.]
Customer Service representative of Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Phone number +81-3-6215-9500
Business hours 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and New Year's holidays)